Melissa’s Midnight Snack

In the past, I’ve thought about starting up a cooking blog, and now that I’m a closer, I guess that’s what I would call it. After getting home at about one in the morning, I put on Howl’s Moving Castle and set about making cottage pie. I didn’t finish until about five, when Ethan gets back from his paper route. Then I woke up six hours later to go volunteer assistant teach. This wonky sleep schedule is making me hungry all the time and giving me headaches. But damned if I’m going to keep eating boxed mac and cheese like I did on Monday. That pie has lasted me all week. Ethan ate some too.

I’ve done the volunteer thing all week, and I won’t give details other than to say that the kids seem to like me and the teacher is talking to me about designing a lesson based on one of the fairytales I have in a book of stories in Lithuanian and English. I think I’ll go with “The Bremen Town Musicians,” because it’s probably my favorite of Grimms’. Okay, that’s the easy part. Now I have to figure out what I’m actually teaching. By now, the combined feeling of terror and excitement is as familiar as the Subway sandwich formulas.

Of course, between work and volunteering, I’m supposed to be designing a curriculum for my class, as well as, well, the Zennis Project. The update on that is that I have found nineteen unfinished manuscripts lurking around on my computer. Several are shorter works, but I didn’t know I had so many projects. So I’m going to start knocking them out with one simple rule: two pages a day. After the volunteering and the closing Subway and the textbook reading, etc, I sit down and write/revise two pages. It sounds like nothing, just two pages. But The Underground Swing Club is currently at forty pages. If I revise two a day, I’ll be done in a month! That is why this is brilliant. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out a similar method for working on my scripts. As a result I’m more than seriously behind. Also, late as I’ve been getting home, it’s difficult for me to make time for both projects before I pass out.

Tomorrow, Percy, Noah, and I are going into Fayetteville so they can hang flyers for casting for their other show. I hope these production meeting/get togethers keep up because with everything going on, I need a social life. Of course, I also need time to wash dishes and clothing. somewhere in there I guess I’ll figure it out… That’s all the news I have time for now. Ethan’s back from the recylcing center, which means I should have left five minutes ago. I will catch you later. And maybe, if I can manage my time like I did back in UNM, I’ll even get sme new entries into the encyclopedia. 😉


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