Candlelight Vigil

There is some kind of magic in fire. Perhaps this is why so many stories exist about it–from Prometheus to Aziraphale in Good Omens. Furthermore, fire and candles are versatile. Fires are seen in celebrations of Yule, Imbolic, and Midsummer. They are used in spells of all types and we brew potions over them (not to mention real food.) But lest we think it’s all pagan, remember Hannukah is a holiday celebrated with the symbolic lighting lf candles (which themselves harken back to a story of fire and lights). When we go to churches, we light candles for those who we pray for, and we hold candlelight vigils to remember those who have passed. So, when Percy got hurt and Noah and I were sitting around having no idea what to do, (what could we do?) we bought candles.

UPDATE: Percy called on Saturday to say that she was okay. Looks like nothing is broken, but something did get dislocated. So she needs to rest for a while. Fortunately, she seems to be in good spirits, and when I told her Noah and I were prepared to have a candlelight vigil in her honor, she snorted, “I’m not dead!” As true as it is, and as aware of this fact as we were, we were just as aware of the magic of candles and were prepared to harness that said magic to conjure her safety.

Of course, Noah had stopped by her house and gotten some of this news already, so after we met up, we didn’t light candles immediately. We had dinner first. And listened to my parents play music. And then I went to sleep early to open the store the next day. But even though our candle ceremony didn’t get off the ground, the whole thing has got me thinking about religous rituals in Zennis, kind of an important thing since Stix edpisode two involves a religious service.

Speaking of Stix, I got my last scene written for episode one and Noah thinks it’s strong. Screenwriting is getting easier. I’m more familiar with the format and the characters. I still haven’t written ten pages in a single day since that first time, but four is a regular amount for me, so it’s getting better. It feels good, like my characters can run loose and banter endlessly with each other, which is usually all they want to do. I know that when
I was first taught screenwriting, I was told, “screenplays are about action,” but it’s nice when I don’t have to come up with all the action myself, but can leave some of it to the director to block. Also, Noah says he feels like the characters’ personalities are coming across pretty strong, which I think is the most impoortant thing for this type of project. Hooray!

I’ve developed my first lesson. It’s not really TESOL because it’s about reading maps, but tht’s a skill the students I’m working with have been working on. And we’ll talk about directions and so forth. I’ll also be teaching quite a few vocabulary words because “The Musicians of Bremen,” has a lot of big words. Like emaciated. Who uses a word like that in a children’s story? Of course, if they can understand the circulatory system, they can understand this. I hope this leads to further lessons, and hopefully my practicum.

The last thing I have to say is this: April is almost upon us. That means two things. First, national poetry month, and with it the writing challenge to write a pooem every day. It has been some time since I’ve worked on poetry, so it will be nice to get into. Second, it’s Script Frenzy. Okay, Script Frenzy has been officially disbanded due to lack of funding 😦 but that doesn’t mean I can’t try writing 100 pages of script anyway. (Not to mention, if I’m not doing it official, no one will be around to complain that I’m writing TVshow episodes instead of a full length film. Episode one was 27 pages, which means that if I pull through in April, I will have added thirty new poems and four more episodes to my repitoire. I also thinks this means you can expect to be hearing a lot from me soon.



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