The Zenith

Today’s title is drawn from the “Zewhyxary” by Tom Disch. This is another poem I read for class, though in a more organic way. I was required to pick a poem from the book and give the class a 3-4 minute informal presentation about my thoughts regarding said poem. This one caught me eye because it’s like an ABC primer backwards. Instead of starting with “a is for apple,” Disch starts with Z. I fell in love due to it Seussian rhythm juxtaposed against a delightfully morbid and pessimistic outlook (which, by the way, I managed to throw my own optimistic twist into because I am an optimist… usually.) I find it fitting for today’s poem because it has been a bad day all round (and even my original “tomorrow gets better” fits in with the day… I think.)

Today’s poem harkens back two days to my William Carlos Williams post. Perhaps my imagist classmate would be proud of it:

no drinks
aboard this flight
despite the plastic mug
birthday gift from a grown up ad-


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