Domestic Chess

Cleaning house has practically become a domestic chess ga,e between Ethan and I. Perhaps chess is too strong a word, as it is very strategic, and I know someone out there is going to tell me “Mel, you’re a writer, you of all people should know that the chess metaphor is a cliche.” So take whatever game you want–Risk, Monopoly. Pandemic, Gloom, dominoes if you so choose. Isn’t there a game out there when you collaborate with players on one goal and compete on another? Because that would be the perfect analogy.

We take turns in the care of the household. Ethan does so mowing, I do some cleaning, he mows more, I clean more, he cleans a bit, I clean a bit, etc. We never talk to each other about it or divide chores or anything, we just take turns, as if moving pieces. And I don’t know if he feels this way, but it strikes me as if in doing so, we are advancing on each other, as if for each bit of cleaning we do, we gain power over our opponent (i.e. Ethan! I have cleaned the bathroom, cleaned out the refrigerator, de-spidered the pantry, and taken the trash to the dump. Mow the lawn!–only this hasn’t been said.) AND with each move our opponent makes, we each have to move quickly before they use their power against us.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m thinking about posting some book review come soon. Let me know what you think.


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