Dixit Writing Challenge Day Four: Dune Haiku

Today’s card has an anchor sitting in a desert. I think of this as the Dune card because… well, I guess because deserts always make me think of Arrakis. Since I’ve been writing a lot about more serious topics, like dealing with anxiety and depression, the idea of writing a piece about Dune appealed to me. Ironically, it was a lot harder to get anything down than it was the last three days. I felt something kind of rhymey coming on, though it didn’t scan properly, and I ended with a couple of images I really liked.

As much as I love doing slam style poetry, I also like working on shorter pieces. It gives me the chance to switch from a more conversational, storytelling style and practice working with more dense imagery. And the last poetry slam I competed in almost ended with me in a haiku death match! So I figured I would keep this one around in case of a similar event in the future:

cinnamon sunlight
sparks off earthworm sailboats and
eyes blue as the sky


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