Dixit Writing Challenge Day 5: All the Time in the Universe

Okay, that’s probably not really going to be the final title for this, but my today’s card had a pocket watch with stars in the cover. (If anyone has played Dixit, they will discover that space is a popular theme for this artist). I don’t really have any thoughts on what I wrote today. See what you think of it:

The first time we kissed
I felt the universe down your throat
We were masters of everything
For six years, we danced
around each other, but that night
we danced among fireworks, that kiss
lifted us into the sky
where we could swing on a star
I fell asleep in your arms
like a hammock
strung between two planets
And the next morning
I cut the hands off the clock
for stealing our time
I thought I could stop it
stop everything at the moment you
became the center of my galaxy
But in the absence of the clock
my heartbeat kept time
and so man galaxies
have black holes at their centers
For six years, you consumed me
but I pursued you because my greatest fear
was freezing in the openness of space
without the warmth of your arms
But before you swallowed me
I turned around
and saw the light at my back
The last time we kissed
I slipped down your throat
to another part of the universe.
I promised myself I would still visit
my old galaxy, but with each unspoken word,
each unsent letter, each unanswered prayer,
that promise breaks a little more.
I feel us drifting further apart
a vast emptiness stretching between us
but getting any closer to you
could mean being crushed
My greatest fear now
is that there is nothing in between


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