The Postcard Calendar Project

Several years after my aunt’s death, my dad found among her things a date book, which he thought I might like. It is restructured after the date book made for musician William Mason in 1900. Surrounding the spaces for personal entries are photographs of entries in the original, by Mason’s friends. It also details some of the history of the artist’s colony at which he, and many of the contributors spent their time. In the introduction, Caleb Mason talks about how such a feat never could be done in our fast paced world. Well, I know a challenge when I see one.

Enter, my friend and co-worker, a young woman who can’t quite seem to catch a break, a personwho could use a little more sunshine in her life. Now, I don’t know if I have the ability to bind pages into a proper date book, so I got to thinking, what if I make it a calendar? I could make it cout of postcards and greeting cards and photographs, with a picture on one side and a kind message on the other. That’s where you come in.

To some extent, the introduction is right. I can’t find all my coworker’s friends and have them write nice things. I can find some of them, but I will need more people. So, I am seeking people to put friendly quotes, notes, and doodles on postcards to bind into a calendar of sunshine. If you are interested, leave a note with an email address, so I can send you more information. Heck, I’ll even provide the postcard if you need, though I like the idea of having stcards and pictures from all over. i think she would appreciate that.


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